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  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    WHOSPOPPIN ENTERPRISES, INC., located in Chicago Illinois, is an innovative online company that integrates mobile web app development, online shopping, live video and chat. Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid rate, and whosPOPpin helps to spur the new,thriving mobile tech market, specifically by placing mobile commerce in the hands of the consumer.

  • What We Do

    What We Do

    The product is the “POP”.
    The “POP” combines your company's brand, online store, live events, etc., and makes it available on mobile devices. It works on the premise of integration: utilizing social content, video, talk, email and text messaging. More importantly, it creates immediate opportunity for everyone to buy online. The POP is not a downloadable app, but an online tool with unlimited access on your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop and internet TV–the portals to your success.

  • Get in Touch

    Get in Touch

    Sell More Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device. Do your Sales reps need a solution that can close deals quickly, wherever they may be. A good mobile SFA solution needs to provide sales people with easy access to the information they need, anywhere, anytime, on any device so they can stay productive and be efficient if so then WhosPoppin sounds like the mobile solution you are looking for your business? Do you want to know more?Call Today:312-483-4598 Contact Us Today