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        Contract NO:
        Signed at:

        The Sellers:
        地址:                 傳真:
        Address:                 Fax:

        The Buyers:
        地址:                 傳真:
        Address:                 Fax:

        The undersigned Sellers and Buyers have agreed to close the following transactions according to the terms and conditions stipulated below:

        Name of Commodity and Specification
        2. 數量
        3. 單價
        Unit Price
        Total Value

        數量及總值均得有 %的增減,由賣方決定。
        With % more or less both in amount and quantity allowed at the Seller's option.

        6. 包裝:

        7.裝運期限 : □ 收到可以轉船及分批裝運之信用證  天內裝 出。
        Time of Shipment: □ Within   days after receipt of L/C allowing transhipment and partial shipment.

        8. 裝運口岸:
        Port of Loading:

        9. 目的港:
        Port of Destination:

        10.付款條件: □ 開給我方100%不可撤銷即期付款及可轉讓可分割之信用證,并須注明可在上述裝運日期后15天內在中國議付有效。
        Terms of Payment: □ By 100% confirmed, Irrevocable, Transferable and Divisible Letter of Credit to be available by sight draft and to remain valid for negotiation in China until the 15th day after the aforesaid Time of Shipment.

        11.保險: □ 按中國保險條款,保綜合險及戰爭險(不包括罷工險)。
        Insurance: □ Covering all risks and war risk only (excluding S.R.C.C.) as per the China Insurance Clauses.
        □ 由客戶自理。
        □ To be effected by the buyers.  

        12. 裝 船 標 記:
        Shipping Mark:

        13. 雙方同意以裝運港中國進出口商品檢驗局簽發的品質的數量(重量)檢驗證書作為信用證項下議付所提出單據的一部分。買方有權對貨物的品質和數量(重量)進行復驗,復驗費由買方負擔。如發現品質或數量(重量)與合同不符,買方有權向賣方索賠。但須提供經賣方同意的公證機構出具之檢驗報告。
        It is mutually agreed that the Inspection Certificate of Quality (Weight) issued by the China Import and Export Commodity Ispection Bureau at the port of shipment shall be part of the documents to be presented for negotiation under the relevant L/C. The buyers shall have the right to reinspect the Quality and Quality (Weight) of the cargo. The
        reinspection fee shall be borne by the Buyers. Should the Quality and/or Quantity (Weight) be found not in conformity with that of the contract, the Buyers are entitled to lodge with the Sellers a claim which should be supported by survey reports issued by a recognized Surveyer approved by the Sellers.

        14. 備注
        (1) 買方須于 年 月 日前開到本批交易的信用證(或通知售方進口許可證號碼),否則,售方有權不 經通知取消本確認書,或接受買方對本約未執行的全部或一部,或對因此遭受的損失提出索賠。
        The buyers shall have the covering Letter of Credit reach the Sellers (or notify the Import. License Number)before ________ otherwise the Sellers reserve the right to rescind without further notice or to accept whole or any part of this Sales Confirmation not fulfilled by the Buyers, or to lodge a claim for lossees this sustained of any.

        (2) 凡以CIF條件成交的業務,保額為發票的110%, 投保險別以本售貨確認書中所開列的為限,買方要求增加保額或保險范圍,應于裝船前經售方同意,因此而增加的保險費由買方負責。
        For transactions concluded on C.I.F.basis it is undrstood that the insurance amount will be for 110% of the invoice value against the risks specified in the Sales Confirmation. If additional Insurance amount of coverage is required, the buyers must have the consent of the Sellers before Shipment and the additional premium is to be borne by the buyers.

        (3) 品質數量異議:如買方提出索賠,凡屬品質異議須于貨到目的口岸之日起3個月內提出,凡屬數量異議須于貨到目的口岸之日起15在內提出,對所裝運物所提任何異議屬于保險公司、輪船公司及其他有關運輸機構或郵遞機構所負責者,售方不負任何責任。
        QUATLITY/QUANTITY DISCREPANCY: In case of quality discrepancey, claim should be filed by the Buyers within 3 months after the arrival of the goods at port of destination, while of quantity discrepancy, claim should be filed by the Buyers within 15 days after the arrival of the goods at port of destination. It is understood that the Sellers shall not be liable for any discrepancy of the goods shipped due to causes for which the Insurance Company, Shipping company, other transportation, organization/or Post Office are liable.

        (4) 本確認書所述全部或部分商品,如因人力不可抗拒的原因,以致不能履約或延遲交貨,售方概不負責。
        The Sellers shall not be held liable for failure or delay in delivery of the entire lot or a portion of the goods under this Sales Confirmation on consequence of any Force Majeure incidents.

        (5) 買方開給售方的信用證上請填注本確認書號碼。
        The buyers are requested always to quote THE NUMBER OF THIS SALES CONFIRMATION in the Letter of Credit to be opened in favour of the Sellers.

        (6) 仲裁: 凡因執行本合同或與本合同有關事項所發生的一切爭執, 應由雙方通過友好的方式協商解決。 如果不能取得協議時,則在被告國家根據被告仲裁機構的仲裁程序規則進行仲裁。仲裁決定是終局的,對雙方具有同等約束力。仲裁費用除非仲裁機構另有決定外,均由敗訴一方負擔。
        Arbitration: All disputes in connection with this Contract or the execution thereof shall be settled by negotiation between two parties. If no settlement can be reached, the case in dispute shall then be submitted for arbitration in the country of defendant in accordance with the arbitration regulations of the arbitration organization of the defendant country. The decision made by the arbitration organization shall be taken as final and binding upon both parties. The arbitratio expenses shall be borne by the losing party unless otherwise awarded by the arbitration organization.

        (7) 買方收到本售貨確認書后立即簽回一份,如買方對本確認書有異議,應于收到后5天內提出,否則認為買方已同意本確認書所規定的各項條款。
        The Buyers are requested to sign and return one copy of this Sales Confirmation immediately after receipt of the same. Objection, if any, should be raise by the Buyers within five days after the receipt of this Sales Confirmation, in the absence of which it is understood that the Buyers have accepted the terms and conditions of the Sales Confirmation.


        賣 方                          買 方
        THE SELLERS                       THE BUYERS

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