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What Mobility Can Do for Your Business

Mobile IT Help

Mobile Technology has grown fast in the last few years. Now it's not a question of when will you become mobile but how? Today smart companies are creating mobile enterprises networks to staying ahead of their competition. Is this your company?

If the answer is NO or you don't know what the ROI or TCO of mobility will be then Wirehead Technology is the company for you. We have been in the mobile market for over ten years far out pacing most of our competition we know mobility let our experience work for you.

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Plan

Meeting Business Goals

What is Mobile Culture?
That is how your business relates to your employees and customers. In short mobility is you. Here's why no mobile solution can be effective for you if it's not tailored for the way you do business. Many companies that have tried and failed at mobility have blamed their failure on not having the right device or network.

Then they compound their failure by buying more devices and trying the latest greatest network offering without taking a look at the real barrier to why their mobile project keeps failing No Mobile Planning. That is how they do business instead of creating a mobile plan of how their business works and which parts of their business can become mobile and what parts should be left as they are. Instead they depend on the marketplace to tell them how to run their business in the mobile environment. That is why your enterprise needs to have a mobile plan in place if you want mobility to become a susccessful part of your enterprise.

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Business Mobile

What is MERP
"MERP" [Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning] this solution helps business by combining the three main components of mobility that is consulting, training, and system integration. These three components are keys to a successful mobile project. Yet most mobile companies don't offer these services to their clients instead they stress the latest greatest mobile devices and not the planning or development of a solution that can help our business create a mobile network. Our MERP solution works with you by applying our three point system that works with your business to developing a mobile business plan that is designed to fit your business. That will grow with your business no matter what mobile device you deploy. Here is how the MERP System works

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IBM MobileFirst Enables Enterprise Mobility

IBM Solutions
IBM Solutions
Are you an IBMer? We are now a business partner with IBM to help build a Smarter Planet. With our partnership with IBM we can now offer solutions like Lotus, Virtualization, Websphere, and Cloud Computing specially for the SMB. Visit our IBM page to see a list of the IBM products we can offer your business then contact us and let us help you became an IBMer. Our Small Business Solutions From IBM Read More